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Box Tops for Education

Did you know that our school receives 10 cents for every Box Top collected?  

Last year, our school brought in a little over $2000 from collecting Box Tops!  

On average, each class turned in around 900 Box Tops throughout the year.  

Our goal this year is for each class to bring in at least 1000 Box Tops by the end of the year!!  

If each class met our goal, that would be $2500 for our school!!

Easy To Turn In!

  1. Tape or glue your Box Tops to the collection sheet until you fill it up.  (Download the sheet below.)

  2. Turn your completed sheet in to your teacher. 

  3. Print a new sheet and start filling it up too! 


School-Wide Contest

The class that has turned in the MOST Box Tops by the end of the school year wins a prize!  We’ll be tracking each class’ progress in the hallway throughout the year so we can all see what class is winning!


Reward for Each 25 Box Tops Turned In

Each time you fill up and turn in a collection sheet, you’ll get a Blow Pop!

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